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Inside Edge Highlights

Inside Edge Highlights is sports highlights company that produces player highlights for agencies. 

FutureProof Pro

Founded by former athletes and visionary business leaders, FutureProof is a support system for professional athletes beyond their playing days. Their mission is to provide the necessary resources and guidance for a sustainable future for these individuals.

Troy Morgan Coaching

Troy Morgan is a Corporate Wellbeing Strategist; CEO of Willows Health Group; director and shareholder of Health and Wellbeing Technology companies Well360 and Springday. He is a sought-after national speaker and consultant in the areas of wellbeing, leadership, culture and customer engagement and customer journey.

DCISIV Technologies

DCISIV Technologies is a machine builder driven by competent engineering professionals, so that your next product commercialisation or automation project avoids common pitfalls, operates safely, and provides the return on investment your business needs. 

360 Diagnostics

360 Diagnostics have spent decades building relationships globally across the diagnostics industry, working with their international colleagues to adopt the latest technologies, the most efficient operating systems and processes, and best diagnostic solutions.

Brent Things and Stuff

A photography portfolio that showcases using a camera to reflect the juxtaposition of two opposing influences. Brent is a part-time photographer based in Toowoomba, Queensland. His background in technology led him to eventually pick up a camera and it’s become a permanent part of his arm since.

Downey Engineering

Downey Engineering is a control systems integration business with a diverse range of skills enabling them to cater to clients in many diverse industries. They strive to provide levels of quality of service that sets a benchmark for the industry and more importantly gives their clients comfort know they have their full support.


SETA is a not-for-profit organisation with the vision to unite, inspire and become the strongest geographical region in England at Touch by providing the largest pool of talent in the form of players, referees and managers to the Elite programme of the England High-Performance Training Squad.


The Well360 wellbeing platform is a comprehensive digital ecosystem of health and wellbeing resources to support engagement and behaviour change. The bespoke user-centric offering enables customers to engage with their clients to deliver a holistic, data-driven service offering.

Willows Health & Lifestyle

Willows Health & Lifestyle Centre believes in inspiring, motivating and coaching it’s community members to engage in the opportunities and possibilities that come from implementing their wellbeing vision. The team creates amazing movement and wellbeing programs supported with both a physical and online environment.