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SJL Digital Solutions brings to you a wealth of experience in web design, project management, content management, and digital solutions. We understand that every web development project is unique. Whether you need a complex or simple solution, our expert knowledge will help create and support a seamless experience that best suits your brand and needs.


Discovery & Strategy

Let's get to know each other

We want to understand your needs, get to know your company, and have a clear picture of what success looks like.  We want to learn about your brand, analyse your competitors, and identify where your business is and where you want to go.  We’ll explore customer insights and what features will be included. 

Design & Create

setting the foundations

We’ll set the foundations of your website determining the structure, navigation sitemap, colour palette, font type, tone of voice, and theme.  This blueprint will be the guide for developing a fantastic user experience with your product.  We’ll analyze what content you already have and find the gaps to give you a competitive edge.

Build & Implement

see it come to life

This is the longest of the four phases in our web design process, and where most of the work is being done.  Your involvement is essential in curating and creating content that will highlight the best of your business.  We’ll upload your content and design each page layout with beautiful and responsive formatting, graphics, and animation.

Test & Optimise

quality assurance across every device

We’ll test your website across every device (Android & IOS) and all major web browsers.  We’ll ensure SEO optimization with keywords, submit your sitemap to the major search engines and set up Google Analytics access.  We will proof your content and prepare the site for launch making sure nothing is left out or overlooked.

Maintain & Grow

a living ecosystem

We are here to assist with all website maintenance and content management efforts through our managed services package.  We will ensure that your systems and administration of the website stay up to date.  Our packages can be flexible and bespoke for your business requirements.

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